Emerging Disease Insights from the PREDICT Modeling and Analytics Team

  • Extensive Overlap of Three SADS-CoV Bat Hosts Within Intensive Pig Farming Regions in Asia [PDF]

  • Improving Viral Sampling and Discovery: Viral Accumulation Curves [PDF] [PDF (fr)]

  • Global Costs of Emerging Infectious Diseases: an Economic Case for the Global Virome Project [PDF] [PDF (fr)]

  • Identifying the Next Zika: An Analysis of Understudied Flaviviruses [PDF] [PDF (fr)]

  • Mapping Hotspots of Emerging Zoonoses [PDF]

  • Simulating Outbreak Scenarios: Novel Bat Coronavirus from Guano Harvest [PDF]

  • Market Size and Avian Influenza Strain Spillover Risk [PDF]

  • MERS-CoV Surveillance in Africa [PDF]

  • Distribution and Seasonality of Potential Ebola Bat Reservoirs [PDF]

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